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The Lotus Temple in Delhi

The lotus temple is one that caught my attention from the very first year I started studying architecture. We were in the Basic Design class and were asked to create an abstract model based on architectural principles (symmetry, axis, focal points … etc). I did a model that was similar to the lotus temple, and it was stuck with me ever since.

There are many features that make the lotus temple a special monumental form. Some of the architectural features are:


It certainly is the first thing that catches your attention, a question that always popped in my mind is “How does it stand like that?”.
To begin with there are a total of 27 free standing marble clad petals. These are arranged in clusters of three to form nine entrances towards the temple. The bends and structural form of the petals gives it its stability.




The Central Hall

The petals open up to a circular space which is the temple. This is the central hall and is where religious ceremonious are conducted. It is 40 meters high and has a holding capacity of 2500 people.

That White Finishing

The surface of the temple certainly is unique; white marble from penteli mold which has been used in many Greek architectural monuments.

Lotus Temple, Delhi, India. So, I am 23 yrs old & living in Delhi, but I haven't visited any of its tourist destinations yet. So, I decided to visit a touri


The temple is surrounded by 9 ponds and is placed among acres and acres (26 to be exact) of stunning landscapes.