About Me

Hey there! My name’s Rashad and I like to find solutions to urban problems in our cities.

In the past I’ve worked on creating designs and overlooking projects. I got my start as an architect at a local company in Bahrain, but soon became obsessed with the world of sustainability and development. During that time, I participated in several workshops and hosted a number of lectures and presentations in which my prime focus was to advocate for sustainability in our designs.

During my studies I focused on the social responsibilities of design. Assignments I have taken on have included my evaluation of the urban layout of various refugee camps and its impact on inhabitants, particularly since the average length of stay in a refugee camp is about 17 years.

I believe that the future of our field depends on our ability to ask questions, and oftentimes those questions come from the fertile young minds of our students. Finding the answers to such questions is likely to require dedication and further research. It is with such intent that I plan to continue my pursuit of a career in urban design, in the hopes that I can contribute to the design of better “temporary cities”.


This is a blog in which I share some of what I learned during my journey in becoming an architect, which I hope will be useful to you.