Outdoor Places to Visit in Bahrain

I think I live in one of the hottest places on Earth. Do you know what that’s like? Hardly any outdoor activities to enjoy, a lack of physical activity, laziness and a whole lot of ice-cream (not that the latter is bad in any way). Yet living here has its’ many advantages. Places to enjoy an afternoon cup of coffee over the water, or somewhere you know you’re going to find a friend in. It’s a small town and you’re bound to come across someone you know in one of these places. Because I am an architect, I will share illustrations with you that will capture the essence of the these places. Where even my words would not be able to convey.

Riffa Palms (Riffa Views)

All ideas start somewhere, mine started in this place. It’s a cafe’ a few blocks away from my house. I always hated crowded places, and though this is a crowded place, there is something about it that makes it unlike any other place. The semi-circular openness of the place is a winner. I bet this is essentially why people always come back here. Opening on a void of space that attracts all sorts of people. Children playing, people grocery shopping and then there’s the people like me … sitting across that coffee table … watching. This is Riffa Palms.

I have noticed the increase of open spaces like this in Bahrain over the last 5 years. It’s good to see that investors are beginning to introduce new enterprises to the area aside from the many malls sprawling across the country.

Tala Plaza

Then there’s the place I have lunch in almost every day. A 2 minute drive from where I work. This is Tala Plaza. I don’t feel like I am in Bahrain when I am here. Its mediterranean architectural style, road cafes and stone walls make you feel at home. I love how this place is full of textures. One of the reasons why this place does not echo modern.

Restaurants and cafe’s: Burger King, Guzel, Nestle’, Dairy Queen, Yougurt Berry, Costa Cafe (across the street),

Tala Plaza, at the road intersection

Reem Center:

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