2015 was a bummer!

As the year 2015 comes to an end I thought of writing a short post of some of the things that I think went well for me this year. I don’t think I have achieved most of the goals I set for myself this year. I wanted to apply for a master’s degree and get accepted for that, but that never happened. I also wanted to write a book; that didn’t happen either. But perhaps the most disturbing of them all was my 100 books to read goal which -that too- I did not achieve.

I am not writing this post however to simply jot down a list of the things I did and did not do. I am writing this to look back and reflect on some of the things I could have done to achieve better. Let me start with the first goal I had.

Going for Higher Education:
You have probably heard of the saying that goes “When people are lost they go for higher education”. That’s not always the case, but it was for me. There came a time when I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I felt I wanted to move forward and the only idea that came forward was for me to take a master’s degree. It took a year for me to realise that that was not what I wanted to do. At least not at this stage in my life.

I realised that I wanted other things. My practice in the field has taught me that in order to move forward you must be willing to work hard and sometimes pursue the path that is least taken. I know a lot of people tend to complain from working in a private company, the low wages, the long hours and the painful job description. But if 2015 taught me anything, it’s patience. I learnt a lot of things in my private work place and it gets better with time. If you’re not getting the appreciation you hoped for, be patient and maintain a broader view on your future and what is to come later.

So the only reason why I never pursued a master’s degree this year is because I realised it was not such a good idea. Perhaps some day I will,  but for now I think there are other things I want to achieve.

Writing a book:
Last month in November I set myself for the National Novel Writing Month, which is a global challenge that many people take part of to finish a book in a month. The challenge is to finish writing 1000 words everyday for 30 days.

I started well, finished about three days through the challenge. On the forth day I was allowed to design a hospital at work (was the first time I overtook a project that big), and so that required a lot of research, reading and overtime work. Needless to say, I never finished my book. In fact, I didn’t even make it through the first chapter. What a bummer!
But, I did register in this cool writing community. Which I think has helped me get back on track (hence this blog post).

Read 100 books this year:
I had a problem finishing books last year. So this year I thought, I’m going to put the extra effort to read more and finish what I started reading. That didn’t go so well for me. Every time I started reading a book, I’d find a more interesting book to read and I’d jump to that book instead. It went on and on, till I gave up entirely on reading.

I read blogs and articles instead. Which is not so bad; but not so good either. The fact that I wasn’t finishing the books I started with made me feel bad starting with a new one. It was always in the back of my head. All the books I never finished reading. So at the end of the year I realised what the problem was, I was constantly distracted by all the other things I wanted to do. Every time I started something, I got bored and moved on to a different thing. I think a lot of us have that problem. That is probably why consistency is vital. If you don’t stop doing what you set your mind to do, you will make it a habit, a routine. Which becomes hard to break with time. Even if it was a little everyday. I think now I will stop setting goals for myself and instead aspire for doing little everyday.

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